About Us

What Are We?

GreenStar Alliance is by no means “the new kid on the block…” In fact, we’ve been around successfully for many decades. However, our concept and who we are is new. We’re the first company of our kind.

GreenStar is a Family of dedicated and hard working individuals that are members of our alliance. Comprised of members who are experienced businessmen and women and entrepreneurs who sincerely want to make an impact on your lives as well as their communities and above all, on their own lives!

GreenStar is a tremendous opportunity for overwhelming success for you and for all who participate.

At GreenStar, we have captured a new niche market that is untouched by any company, anywhere in America. In fact, we are the first and only company that can offer all of our products & services without the need of a third-party company to participate…. It’s GreenStar, the manufacturers and our members!

We Offer many new and innovative energy saving products approved by Energy Star and many other well known benefits provided directly to customers. How do we do that? We do it through Network of GreenStar Alliance Members who are all successful Independent Business Owners… Through You!

Our Products do much more than you can imagine! They save our customers money and bring them comfort, health and peace of mind. But that’s not all! They can also cut their power bills by at least one- third and give them phenomenal benefits in ways that will bring you pride beyond compare.

Our Emphasis is to help and benefit families and homeowners. But just as important, we benefit you, our GreenStar Alliance Members… Each of you will have exclusive territories and markets in thousands of cities and towns. With people just like you, we will be in every city in American in no time at all! Remember… We are who we are because of you… Our GreenStar Alliance Members!

We are a Complete Company and we’re one of a kind! We are Green Star Alliance

Who Are We?

GreenStar and our Officers, Directors and Affiliates have been honored to serve in the Construction, Development, Architecture, Engineering, Housing, HVAC and many Energy Saving Industries since 1979.

We also have a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in the Air Conditioning Industry and other related fields through our officers and directors, as well as members of our staff through many of our in-house professionals who are all part of GreenStar Alliance.

We’re very proud of our history and the many homes, apartments, commercial buildings and the many businesses we have helped and the work we’ve done throughout Florida, Georgia, The Carolinas, Virginia, the Mid-Atlantic States, the Southeast and many other regions of the United States.
We are excited because we’re opening our Newest National Headquarters here in Central Florida and another in Virginia and the Carolinas. This allows us to serve you and to offer you and provide you with almost every product and service you’ll desire. We’ll do it more efficiently, faster and at incredible prices!

GreenStar has expanded into new & exciting areas through our Air and Heat Divisions with thousands of products including new services that are always in great demand by our Alliance Members.

With your help, we fully expect to be in greater demand this year alone! We will be in one-thousand cities by mid 2016. With this, we will be one of the largest and MOST Efficient Enterprise in America!

We know these areas very well because we’re affiliated with many, many manufacturers, vendors, wholesalers and hundreds of dedicated companies whose sole purpose is to develop products for your benefit and to help rebuild our economy and save us from an energy crisis.

That’s why we offer The Best in Air and Heat and more at excellent prices and always the best services!