Alliance Memberships

GreenStar brings the highest level of commitment to promoting local re-sellers or local dealers of all types of equipment, products or materials that are related to heating and air conditioning.

You have an incredible opportunity to help families, homeowners and dealers in your area. LEARN MORE


Let’s Begin….

We like it when you, our GreenStar Members, bring new ideas and products to study, examine, test and ultimately add to our excellent line of products. We have an emphasis on being economically minded to save people money on their power bills, but we also emphasize healthy air with lower allergens, germs or bacteria and even mold or mildew… Hopefully dust will become extinct in GreenStar homes.

GreenStar encourages you to look for new and exciting products related to air, heat, comfort, water, power & light. We want to seek and find new and innovative products to make people’s lives better and give homeowners and their families a way to enjoy increased comfort, great efficiency, and enjoy tremendous savings! But above all we want to give them good and healthy air that is pure and gives everyone a sound and healthy environment at home or work.

Everyone who would like to sell through GreenStar must agree to fill out our questionnaires and give us all of the relevant information about themselves and their work history. However, please know that any information you divulge will be known only by your GreenStar Agent or the CEO and CFO of GreenStar. All information we discuss now or in the future will always be kept confidential and will not be kept in any public file or record. Our business relationship is between you and us.

The information on these pages is for members and re-sellers who will represent GreenStar through our manufacturers, vendors and those who will be offering products for sale through the GreenStar Alliance Program. We hope this will be a daily and ongoing relationship that WILL create wealth for you and your company while saving thousands for your valued customers. When you offer a product for sale, please use the information sheet we will give you once you have signed up.

We are here for you! You now have an opportunity of a lifetime, so let’s make this happen together because all the sales offered by you, or through GreenStar are “sanctioned” when they are done properly and, as such, they must be formally reviewed and approved by GreenStar’s Managers.

Download and accept the GSA Quality and Customer Care Guidelines and GSA Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.