Green Tips For HVAC Systems

Green Tips For HVAC Systems

Your heating and cooling system is the number one contributor to your energy bills. Especially on extreme temperatures, almost 50% of your energy consumption is accounted to it. That’s why as much as possible, we want to have the best energy saving strategy to get rid of energy and budget drainage while helping the environment as well.

But, is going green really possible when it comes to your HVAC system? Yes! And here’s how.

 Choose High Efficiency Units

The problem why most homeowners would prefer units with poor to average efficiency is the upfront cost. We cannot deny that high efficient units can be real expensive. However, if you will to extend your analysis, you’ll know that purchasing them is a smarter choice. High efficient units provide great saving in energy consumption. You’ll be surprised to find your unit paying for itself in the long run.

Right Size is the Right Choice

Do not be misled by the thought that bigger is always better. When it comes to your heating and cooling system, right sizing is a must. When buying a unit, make sure to consider the size of your room or the place which it will render its service. Chances are, if you buy too big or too small, the unit will be less efficient in performance, you’ll experience frequent system repairs, and you’ll end up paying too much on your energy bill.

Improve Insulation

You don’t have to leave the entire job to your high efficient HVAC systems. You can also take part in going green by improving your insulation. This will help your unit work efficiently and reduce energy wastage. If your home is well-insulated, it lightens the job of your heating and cooling system so you will be able to feel the comfort that you need at a minimum amount of time.

Seal Leaking Ductworks

Good insulation is not only for your home; your system needs it, too. Make sure to seal leaking ducts if your unit has one. It is a major factor for high energy consumption because it allows refrigerants to flow out of your system. With low refrigerants, your system takes too long to cool the room even at full blast. Refrigerants are dangerous to health, so make sure to seal your ducts well.

Going green is proportional to saving energy expense. Call your trusted HVAC contractor and ask for suggestions about it.