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We’re All You Need!

Quality, Name Brands, Efficiency & More…

GreenStar Alliance has recognized that there is power in numbers. We are a new concept in the HVAC Industry throughout the United States. We offer people and companies in the HVAC trades a superior way to do business. We are similar to a franchise but without the exorbitant cost and hassle.

GreenStar Alliance will be your new provider of ALL you need to run your business more efficiently, without the hassles and, above all, without the high costs for your systems and support, plus we eliminate the time consuming tasks of preparing for a new sale or install. We do it all for you so you can concentrate on what provide you with making a living… We take care of everything for you.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll
receive as a GreenStar Alliance Member:

  • Own the GreenStar name as part of a well-respected network
  • Sell the Daikin Goodman brands at the very best value anywhere
  • Enjoy the best value on all equipment in your region, city or country
  • Exclusive and protected territory as the only GreenStar in your area
  • A Website that will appear at the top and first page of most search engines
  • Have your own toll free number answered by our professional staff
  • Get the best merchant services at the competitive rates
  • We will prepare your purchase orders listing everything you’ve ordered
  • Your equipment is staged for will call on time
  • When GreenStar collects for your labor charges we will deposit to your account daily as funds are released
  • GreenStar provides each membership level with exceptional benefits and membership support
  • GreenStar will launch advertising campaigns using effective marketing methods to keep business growing
  • GreenStar’s incredible partnerships will help teach you how you can increase your bottom line profits
  • The membership subscription you select you will open doors to incredible benefits
  • Your Alliance Fee is monthly or annually depending on the selected level.

At GreenStar, we are dedicated to honesty and fairness so we have policies and procedures that will be followed by all members to assure our name will be known and respected by homeowners and customers. As part of our family of companies, you too can be a part of GreenStar!

Welcome aboard to the newest and best company in America where all things are possible!

You can contact us at (855) 899-7827 or (877) 617-4822!

Download and accept the GSA Quality and Customer Care Guidelines and GSA Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.