Membership Agreement

As a GreenStar Alliance Member, you’ll have the ability to purchase and sell all products related to air conditioning and heating and as such, you hereby agree to the following:

  • Choose from Bronze, Silver, & Gold Membership packages and take advantage of our low monthly fee. ⇒Please sign, submit and return this Alliance Membership Agreement.
  • Once you join, we will send you all notifications regarding company policies and procedures as well as current pricing, plus all current promotions and any other resource as they become available.
  • We agree to give you access to all of our brands & products at the best possible prices.
  • We agree to deliver to you, by phone call, or email, all of our incoming sales calls & enquiries for your specified area. We can help close those sales, as needed, per your guidelines.
  • You agree that you will sell at competitive prices better than most other dealers in your area, while trying to make the highest profit possible for each sale you make.
  • We will help you with all types of marketing and co-op advertising once we begin. We will put your name and your GreenStar Store’s name in our GreenStar website.
  • We will give you sales support from the time of the first call through to the end sale and payment.
  • You will own your GreenStar Name, similar to owning a franchise, and we further agree that no other GreenStar member will promote products in your area except those we agree upon.
  • Our goal is for you to make one sale per day and some may do more. However, your quota will be one system per week in order to remain as an Alliance Member and succeed.
  • Read and sign the Member Application and Guidelines (please initial the guidelines document)
  • You will only place orders that are approved by a GreenStar Agent according to guidelines and you will make sure that you or the customer has sufficient money available to pay for each purchase on the day of the purchase. Exceptions such as financing will become are available, but first call your GreenStar agent at corporate headquarters or by email to
  • When you finalize each sale, you will fill out your GreenStar Order Form so that we can send the Purchase Order to the manufactures closest to you for pick-up or delivery. Please include model numbers and all relevant information and remember to use the prices you have been awarded. You will include the name, address and phone numbers of your clients on each Order Form and use the Purchase Order Numbers we assign to that order from your GreenStar agent.
  • You will be honest regarding all products and you will not oversell or overrate any item sold.
  • You will state truthful facts regarding all items and you will not commit to any delivery dates unless you have confirmation from us, or the manufacturer, the shipping line or approval of GreenStar.
  • If we process your client’s payments, you will include all relevant information including the client’s payment method and card numbers and codes. If you agree to have corporate process the cards, you will receive your part of the profits sent directly to you from GreenStar as soon as funds become available and funds have cleared which can take from two to four days after processing the sale.
  • By signing this document, you agree that you have read all policies and procedures & you agree to the stated content.
  • Your membership fees and payments are all due on the 10th day of each month.
  • Late, or non-payment, or chronic late payments of GreenStar fees may result in suspension of your membership privileges and your participation in the GreenStar Alliance Program
  • You will cease and desist when told to do so with or without cause if disagreements occur due to my negligence or failure to follow guidelines. I understand that this is a privilege.
  • You will pick up or ship all orders on time, making all advance arrangements needed with the manufacturer, distributor or vendor as well as advising GreenStar’s corporate office.
  • You will make arrangements to expedite each sale and keep your clients well informed if you are unable to get the installation started or the equipment delivered, as initially scheduled, due to back-orders, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances beyond your control or the control of the manufacturer’s warehouse or GreenStar Corporate.
  • You have read the attached information and you understand that tardiness or failure to adhere to policies or procedures, or payment requirements, particularly if payments are chronically late, that it may result in the loss of membership privileges and your ability to order until the issue is resolved.
  • You understand that failure to resolve issues may result in suspension of your GreenStar back office and other membership related access.
  • Respect the corporate officers, re-sellers and managers who help you to maintain the proper management of your alliance location and to operate it legally and successfully. When picking up orders, you will notify corporate to indicate that you have picked up and delivered orders and notify us when orders are shipped or delivered to you or your clients.
  • You will be accurate with descriptions, model numbers, measurements and weight of all products and use the suggested matchups for all systems based on manufacturer guidelines.
  • You will bring to the attention of GreenStar Corporate immediately when you have a problem with any order and do your best to resolve all problems courteously.
  • You understand that GSA managers have entered into a working relationship with the manufacturers and all vendors that we represent, and it is their role to work toward resolving all problems with your input, help and cooperation. However, you will not contact any vendor regarding any problems without first asking for approval from GSA’s Agents. Instead you will try to work out all pending issues, delays, payment problems, or any other potential and unforeseen problems by working with your GreenStar corporate agent.
  • You will deal with everyone honestly and respect your customers and everyone at corporate.

NOTE: If you are a GreenStar Agent and you are SELLING GreenStar’s products through the Alliance Program on a regular basis or on occasion, you agree that you have read this. You must sign it, date & witness it, and then return it to GreenStar Corporate, and/or your GreenStar Agent…

I agree to all these conditions and voluntarily enter into this agreement with the GreenStar Alliance and their business buying and selling program and GreenStar’s related programs.

Download and accept the GSA NDA agreement

Download and complete the GSA Membership Subscription Offering