Services & Benefits

GreenStar has a wide range of products & services related to air and heat and more.

All GreenStar’s products are well-known and manufactured by the most reputable companies throughout America and around the world. For instance, we offer the best-selling Daikin Goodman and Amana HVAC equipment.

Our products range from small items like thermostats to high efficiency residential systems and even large commercial systems! Plus the design and the installation are all part of GreenStar!

GreenStar has everything each member needs regardless of the size and type of request! However, for now, let’s put our emphasis on residential products such as air conditioning and heating systems which will be your primary products to sell and install. In fact, we expect that over 90% of the sales we will generate together will be residential systems. Each sale will obviously require the installation and that’s where you step in, but we will provide customers for you!

GreenStar does expect that prices for the services you will perform are fair and all profits from work performed, other than what we provide, will be yours to keep. GreenStar simply expects that you have the ability to perform the installation for all of the products you will sell, or that together we will find the perfect installer for each sale.

This is an example of the products
and services you will sell:

  • All products related to HVAC – Heating ventilating and air conditioning systems.
  • All related equipment such as condensers, air handlers, furnaces and coils.
  • All related products such as thermostats, line sets, filters, UV Lights and pads.
  • Anything related to air conditioning and heating emphasizing energy savings.
  • GreenStar’s optional tankless water heaters are also available for you to sell.
  • Services include equipment, HVAC design and finally… the installation!
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