What is an Alliance?

The GreenStar Alliance success comes through its National Network of individuals, like yourself, who represent us and who represent each and all of our products and services. Not only do you represent them, but you are the person who presents each product and service and sells and provides them directly to the homeowner or end user.

Each of our Alliance Members are Authorized Dealers and each are Independent Business Owners. In short, as a GreenStar Alliance members would be similar to a franchise owners but without the hassles or costs of paying for a franchise! An Alliance offers the products, the prices and name recognition!

Members will be in the forefront to all our customers but most importantly, each Member/Dealer will not just sell our products and HVAC systems, but they can also continue the services they now offer. But they can continue to offer their existing products and services. They can also sub-contract or they can perform the installations, as well as providing all of our services and theirs. They can continue in their counties, cities, areas and towns. And, through us, service will be one of their concerns.

GreenStar is doing this on a national level which is making us very unique and widely accepted. This gives all Members the ability not just to help with Energy Saving, but also with comfort and health! Members will help families in their respective communities by always using the right equipment at the right sizes, and whenever possible, you’ll show them the excellent benefits of GreenStar’s Value Added Products and Services… That will help customers save even more money and make more money for you as well.

Members can say “We’re All You Need for All Your Needs” in their communities by having the best products, at the Best Prices with the Best Energy Saving and by Providing Comfort and Healthy Air!

Finally, it will be YOU, the GreenStar Member who’ll Guarantee the Best and Lowest Price in America!

Remember, we are who we are because of you. Our Green Star Alliance Members!

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